Duinmanege Poelenburgh


Safe horse riding

Poelenburgh dune riding school is in possession of a safety certificate issued by the ‘Stichting Veilige Paardensport (SVP)’ (The Foundation of Safety for Equestrian Sport). 

This means that our riding school is vigilant where safety is concerned. As well as our own policy and the annual inspection by the SVP, you, as a visitor and rider, can also do a lot to enhance the safety when dealing with the horses.

In the canteen, you can find folders from the SVP which you are welcome to read. Listed below are some rules applicable to safe horse riding.

•    Always approach a horse in a calm manner and let the horse know that you are coming near him, by talking calmly to him. 
•    Always observe the horse well: you can see how a horse feels by looking at the position of the ears. 
•    Never fasten a horse with it’s reins. Instead use a halter and a halter rope. 
•    Never walk closely behind a horse.
•    Always walk on the left side of your horse and not in front of him.
•    When you bring a horse to its stable, the field or the paddock, walk with him so that his head faces the door or the fence before loosening the halter.
•    Always wear closed shoes or boots in the stable and do not wear flip flops or sandals. 
•    Take your time when you are with a horse. 
•    Always wear a safety helmet that complies with the safety regulations when riding. 
•    Always wear fitting clothing that joins well and do not wear loose hanging scarves or large pieces of jewellery. 
•    When riding, always wear boots or shoes with a smooth continuous sole with a heel and a smooth top side in combination with chaps.
•    Always ensure your stirrups are the correct size and never place your feet in the stirrup belts, even when you are on a horse for a short moment. 
•    Always follow the instructions of the instructor or staff members of the riding school.
•    As a beginner, do not only take riding lessons, but also learn how to interact with your horse. We regularly organise grooming and saddle lessons, coaching lessons and other courses about the interaction with horses. 
•    Try to understand the characteristics of a horse so that you understand how he can react. 
•    Machines and bales of straw and hay are not playing places and always watch out for moving machines when you are walking on the grounds.
•    Make sure all the corridors and stables are tidy. Do not leave things lying around. 

Duinmanege van Poelenburgh

Duinmanege van Poelenburgh ligt in Schoorl, aan het prachtige Noord-Hollandse bos- en duingebied en heeft o.a. de beschikking over twee overdekte rijbanen, twee buitenrijbanen (allemaal voorzien van agterbergbodem): één dressuurbaan en één springbaan, een longeerkraal, diverse paddocks en een stapmolen. De manege is in het bezit van het veiligheidscertificaat, afgegeven door de Stichting Veilige Paardensport. Een erkenning die aangeeft dat wij kwaliteit en veiligheid hoog in het vaandel hebben staan.

Wij bieden verschillende mogelijkheden om de paardensport te beoefenen, zoals dressuurlessen, springlessen en carrousellessen, wedstrijd begeleiding, buitenrijweekenden, instructiedagen en -weekenden, ruiterbewijscursus en ruiterkampen. Door de ideale ligging kunt u genieten van prachtige bos/duinritten, strandritten en volle maanritten. Ook is het mogelijk om bij ons een cursus grondwerk te volgen om de samenwerking en het contact tussen jou en je paard/pony te vergroten of te verbeteren.

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