Duinmanege Poelenburgh



Riding lessons

Beginner’s course

We offer a “beginner’s package’ for horse riding beginners, for both young and old. This package contains 8 private lessons of half an hour, 1 handling lesson (= working with the horse/pony from the ground) and 3 free theory/saddling lessons. 

Depending on the progress and the wishes of the rider, the rider can then participate in one of the group lessons. 


Walking with the younger children

Under guidance walking with our smallest ponys.

We offer the possibility for younger children up until the age of about 6 years old, to get to know our ponys in a pleasant way. They can pleasantly walk on our grounds on the back of one of our smaller ponys. You guide your child yourself so that you have a nice ride together. 

This option is possible every day of the week. Ask at the bar and we will help you on your way. A half hour walk costs €11,-. 


Lessons for young children (“Kabouterlessen”)

For all our young children!

We will be starting lessons for young children (“kabouterlessen”) on Saturdays from the 18th of November. This new lesson is for all our younger riders that want to begin with horse riding. (You come at a set time every week. For the lessons on Sunday, you can make separate appointments each time). 

You can enrol for these lessons from the age of 4. The aim of the lessons is to let the children enjoy the ponys in a playful manner. 

Are you going to join us?

On Saturday we have a set lesson time for young children from 15.00-16.00.
On Sunday we try to organise a lesson for young children once every two weeks. Keep an eye on the agenda for the actual dates!

Do you want to participate in this lesson? Make sure you enrol!

It is important that someone walks next to the child.

A great opportunity for your parents/sister/brother/babysitter!

Dressage lessons 

Young and old can learn to ride a horse at Poelenburgh dune riding school.

The basics of horse riding are explained in a responsible manner for every beginning rider during private lessons of a half hour. When you are able to trot and gallop with the horse and you can guide the horse around the arena by yourself, it is possible, after consultation and in accordance with the instructor, to continue in a suitable group lesson. 

We offer group lessons for beginners and advanced riders and we have a large number of horses and ponys for all levels. Eight to ten riders can participate in one group lesson. 

Children can start taking lessons from the age of six years old.

To be able to participate with the group lessons, you need to become a member of the ‘Rijvereniging de Poelenburgh Ruiters’ (Riding association of the Poelenburgh Riders). As a member of the riding association, you can, among other things, make use of the quarterly cards (these are not available for non members), you receive a rider’s passport, you receive a discount for the test days, instruction days or weekends. 

Children can participate in the lessons for young children (“kabouterlessen”) from the age of five years old (in agreement younger children may also participate). These are lessons where the pony walks with a parent/other adult. During the lesson attention is also paid to grooming, saddling the horse, mounting the horse, etc. This way children learn to ride a horse in a playful manner! These lessons are given twice a month. See the agenda for the dates. 

For children who are too young to take part in horse riding lessons, but who would like to ride, there is the possibility of hiring a pony for half an hour to walk with.

Beginner’s package: we offer a beginner’s package for riding beginners. This package consists of eight private lessons, one coaching lesson and three free theory/saddling lessons. As well as that you receive a book with all the information about riding at Poelenburgh dune riding school. 

Do you need riding clothes? Go to Ruiterkids.nl


Carousel lessons

The carousel lessons started out as an enjoyable way of practicing the equestrian sport with as main event a demonstration during our Open Days. This form of equestrian sport has grown in popularity due to the enthusiasm of our riders and amazons and for which there are now set lesson times. We have a carousel group for adults, a Young Riders group and a youth carousel group. All of the groups have, on numerous occasions, taken part in the carousel league competitions throughout the country. 

What does carousel riding involve?

A carousel group consists of eight amazons and eight riders (or six). During carousel riding, the amazons and riders ride in pairs next to each other and it is important that the amazons and riders, make different figures in exact synchronicity. Whilst the various figures are being ridden, it is important that the speed stays the same so that the interplay of the amazons, riders and horses can form a neat and harmonious ensemble. The figures can be ridden with two, three, four, six or eight. The three basic dressage gaits are applicable; walk, trot and gallop and even going backwards. For this reason, it is important that the riders know the basics of the dressage. The many combinations and variations of the carousel figures, make it very appealing to watch for an audience. 

We have the following carousel lessons:

Time: 21.00 until 22.00
Competition carousel
Age: 18+

Time: 18.00 until 19.00
Competition carousel
Age: youth, about 10 to 18 years old

Time: 21.00 until 22.00
Age: 18+

Time: 20.00 until 21.00
Young riders
Age: 16 until 30 years old

The competition dates can be found in the agenda. 

For more information about our carousel groups, you can ask one of our instructors of call 072-5092149. You can also look at our facebook pages:  Carrouselgroep de Poelenburgh Ruiters , de Young Riders en JC Poelenburgh Ruiters.


Riding lessons

Jumping lessons

As a rider, you can start jumping lessons when you have obtained the MRB D6-level or after consulting and in accordance with the instructor. As well as the jumping lessons, you need to continue the dressage lessons. The jumping lessons are located in the outdoor arena during the summer months and in the indoor arena during the winter months. 

We have the following jumping lessons:

Friday evening
Time: 21.00 until 22.00
Level: semi advanced/advanced
Age: 18+

Saturday afternoon
Time: 17.00 until 18.00
Level: beginners/semi advanced
Age: youth up until 18 years

Sunday afternoon
Time: 16.00 until 17.00
Level: all levels
Age: all ages


We offer vaulting lessons for children’s birthday parties. Children (even children with no riding experience) really enjoy this!

Vaulting involves doing gymnastic exercises on the back of a calm walking, trotting or galloping horse. The horse walks on a long lead, the lungeing rein, in a circle and has a special vaulting girth with handles on.

Vaulting is about relaxation, suppleness, balance and rhythm. As the horse is continuously moving, the art is to be able to do the exercises in a manner in which the horse is not hindered in its movement. Vaulting boosts the feeling of balance, the sit and the relaxed feeling and, therefore, also forms a good base for horse riding. Vaulting is especially suited for children. 

At the moment we don’t have any set times for the vaulting lessons. A group can be formed with at least five participants. 


Saddling course

It is important that everyone who practices equestrian sport, knows how to look after and harness a horse. Grooming a horse is important to remove any dust and loose hair from the coat of the horse and to stimulate the blood circulation. When riding, it is important that the tack (the saddle and bridle) fit well and that the horse isn’t hindered in its movements. 

For this reason, we provide grooming and saddling courses for riders that are beginners so that you learn how to handle horses in the stable, how to look after a horse before and after riding and how you place the saddle and the bridle in the correct manner. This course is also offered in the beginner’s package. 

Ground work

Zincaro horse coaching by Caroline together with Poelenburgh dune riding school, offers the possibility to work with horses and ponys in an another way. It will change the way you look at the  phenomenon horse and at yourself. It gives insight as to how we behave in our daily life. 

Even if you don’t have any experience with horses, this is a great opportunity to get to know the equestrian sport and the horse as an animal. The horse can show you how you react in different situations and the horse gives you the opportunity to practice new behaviour. As well as this, our way of working offers you the opportunity to become more confident in handling these big, friendly animals. In short: anyone can take part!
For more information, go to the website mijnpaardalsspiegel.nl!

What does this course involve?

To start off we get to know each other while enjoying a glass of squash, a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. During this moment you will be told what we are going to do in the coming (half an) hour. Something will be told about the phenomenon horse and about the ‘why’ of working with horses. What does the horse show us, how does mirroring work? 

After that we go together to the horse or pony that we are going to work with.

The activities are chosen depending on who is being worked with. Nothing is compulsory, nearly everything is optional. The activities involve:

1.    Getting to know the horse by brushing and stroking it.
2.    Walking with the horse on a leadrope. 
3.    Doing activities while holding the horse.
4.    Working loose with the horse. 

During the activities, what happens in the communication between you and the horse or pony is observed. Questions will be asked, with as aim, to make you more conscious of your body, your thinking patterns and the way you present yourself in combination with the horse. You influence the way the horse reacts to you! The horse mirrors you during the activities.

After an hour of practicing, we bring the horse or pony back to the stable. Together we reflect on what happened during the past hour and how you experienced it. 
We offer this course in a variety of ways:

1.    Private lessons about communicating with your horse or pony.
Ground work / working with your horse while loose / mirroring – individual / parent and child with one horse. 
2.    A duo lesson for two people with your horse or pony.
Ground work / working with your horse while loose / mirroring – individual / parent and child with one horse. 
3.    Triptych.
The course is offered in three blocks of three hours – every block involves two hours of working in the arena in pairs, with a half an hour review prior to the exercises and a half an hour review after the exercises. During these reviews, you come to understand the aspects of ground work, working with your horse while loose and mirroring. for four to six people.

4. Instruction day about communicating with your horse or pony. 

For a maximum of six people, the following programme is available:

09.30 – 10.00 coffee/tea and get to know each other
10.00 – 10.30 introduction about working with horses
10.30 – 12.30 working with the horses in the arena
12.30 – 13.30 lunch
13.30 – 15.30 working with the horses in the arena
15.30 – 16.00 evaluation and finish

As you can see, there are various possibilities for practicing with your horse or pony. If you would like more information about the course or if you would like to register yourself for a private lesson, a triptych or an instruction day, then you can send an email to info@zincaro.nl or get in contact with the riding school. We can then reserve a suitable date for you. 

To be able to use the time as efficiently as possible, we ask you to take the following into consideration:

You can report to the canteen half an hour before the lesson starts. During the lessons it is compulsory to wear good sturdy shoes and long trousers. A helmet is not necessary as we will not be riding. 
If there are changes in the amount of participants or cancellations, it is important to let is know at least 24 hours prior to the beginning of the lesson. 


Duinmanege van Poelenburgh

Duinmanege van Poelenburgh ligt in Schoorl, aan het prachtige Noord-Hollandse bos- en duingebied en heeft o.a. de beschikking over twee overdekte rijbanen, twee buitenrijbanen (allemaal voorzien van agterbergbodem): één dressuurbaan en één springbaan, een longeerkraal, diverse paddocks en een stapmolen. De manege is in het bezit van het veiligheidscertificaat, afgegeven door de Stichting Veilige Paardensport. Een erkenning die aangeeft dat wij kwaliteit en veiligheid hoog in het vaandel hebben staan.

Wij bieden verschillende mogelijkheden om de paardensport te beoefenen, zoals dressuurlessen, springlessen en carrousellessen, wedstrijd begeleiding, buitenrijweekenden, instructiedagen en -weekenden, ruiterbewijscursus en ruiterkampen. Door de ideale ligging kunt u genieten van prachtige bos/duinritten, strandritten en volle maanritten. Ook is het mogelijk om bij ons een cursus grondwerk te volgen om de samenwerking en het contact tussen jou en je paard/pony te vergroten of te verbeteren.

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