Duinmanege Poelenburgh


Outdoor rides (trails)

Reservations and rules

If you would like to register for one of our outdoor rides (trails), you can get in contact with us by calling 072-5092149 or you can leave a message and we will call you back. We organise outdoor rides (trails) on a daily basis. Here you can find more information about the various outdoor rides (trails) that we offer. 


We ask you to be present at least half an hour before the outdoor ride (trail) begins. You can report yourself to the canteen and there you will hear on which horse or pony you may ride and where you can find them. All of the saddles and bridles can be found in the saddle room where they are sorted by name so you should have no problems finding them.

If you do not have any or little experience with saddling the horse, we can help you. The horses for a walking ride are already saddled and waiting for you. 

Changes in the amount of participants or cancellations for an outdoor ride (trail), must be reported at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of the ride. 

If the instructor has doubts about the level of the rider, the instructor can ask the rider to first follow a private lesson or to first show the level of riding in the arena. If your technical riding ability is not sufficient for the level needed, we will not be able to take you on the ride due to the risks for yourself and the other riders. If you have doubts, discuss it with us so that we can avoid disappointment on the day of the ride. 

Riding clothes

•    A helmet is compulsory for everyone! This has to be a safety helmet (including a CE / EN 1384 quality mark). You can rent a helmet from the riding school for €2,50. 
•    Riders must wear (riding)boots or sturdy shoes with a smooth, continuous sole, a heel and a smooth top (jodhpur boots) in combination with chaps.
•    A comfortable pair of trousers. Preferably not jeans due to abrasion, but a thick pair of leggings or sweatpants.

Walking ride

Horse riding in the woods for beginners. Our staff members will accompany each participant from arrival till departure. You can report yourself to the staff member behind the bar in our canteen. Every rider will be provided with a suitable horse that has already been saddled. The meeting point is in the indoor arena where you will receive a short explanation about how you can steer the horse. The walking ride through the woods follows after this explanation. You can rent a helmet from us for €2,50. A walking ride is possible every day of the week. To register yourself or for more information, you can get in contact with us.                                                                                                                  

Wood/dune ride

A ride through the woods and dunes for advanced riders who have mastered galloping with a horse. A ride through the woods is with four to ten riders. If there are more than ten riders, the group will be split in two. The experience and wishes of the riders is taken into account when splitting the group. Each group will have at least one instructor. The instructor ensures safe and responsible riding behaviour. A wood/dune ride takes at least two hours. There are outdoor rides every day. 

Beach ride

Riding from the riding school to the beach, through the woods and dunes, is a normal ride for us and shows how ideal the location of the riding school is. To be able to participate in a beach ride, you must have at least three years recent outdoor riding experience. It is important that you have a good command of the light sitting position and that you can keep your balance as we will be galloping when on the beach. As well as this, the same conditions apply as mentioned for the wood/dune ride. A beach ride (video) takes at least 2,5 hours. It is possible every day of the week. 

PWN ride

A ride through the woods, combined with the beach and a trail through the PWN dune conservation area. This ride takes at least 3 hours. For this ride there is an extra cost of €5,- per person for the purchase of a PWN dune card. Look in the agenda for upcoming rides. Do you have a preference for another day?

Day trek

Day treks (video) through the wood/dune area with a possibility to go to the beach, including a coffee break/lunch en route. It is also possible to finish the ride with a dinner at the riding school. A day trek takes at least 4 hours. You can plan your own ride or look in the agenda for dates. 

Full moon rides

This is a very special outdoor riding experience for advanced riders with recent experience riding on the beach. Riding through the woods, dunes and on the beach under the moonlight. An unforgettable experience! Look in the agenda for dates. You can register by calling 072-5092149. 


Duinmanege van Poelenburgh

Duinmanege van Poelenburgh ligt in Schoorl, aan het prachtige Noord-Hollandse bos- en duingebied en heeft o.a. de beschikking over twee overdekte rijbanen, twee buitenrijbanen (allemaal voorzien van agterbergbodem): één dressuurbaan en één springbaan, een longeerkraal, diverse paddocks en een stapmolen. De manege is in het bezit van het veiligheidscertificaat, afgegeven door de Stichting Veilige Paardensport. Een erkenning die aangeeft dat wij kwaliteit en veiligheid hoog in het vaandel hebben staan.

Wij bieden verschillende mogelijkheden om de paardensport te beoefenen, zoals dressuurlessen, springlessen en carrousellessen, wedstrijd begeleiding, buitenrijweekenden, instructiedagen en -weekenden, ruiterbewijscursus en ruiterkampen. Door de ideale ligging kunt u genieten van prachtige bos/duinritten, strandritten en volle maanritten. Ook is het mogelijk om bij ons een cursus grondwerk te volgen om de samenwerking en het contact tussen jou en je paard/pony te vergroten of te verbeteren.

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